Tippy's Cafe open since 1991. We serve of Thai & English food; vegetarian food, starters, soup, stir fries, Thai salad, noodle, rice, etc. many kinds for you to choose.

Thai Food
Almost every kinds of Thai food have Thai herbs main ingredient. Thai herbs have many advantages and also help Thai food have better taste. Let's come and try our menus.

'KRA-THIAM' in Thai

Garlic is an annual herbaceous plant ith underground bulbs comprising several clover. Dried mature bulbs are used as a flavouring and condiment in Thai cuisine. The bulb contain 0.1 to 0.36% garlic oil and organic sulfur compound. Therapeutic uses are as antimicrobial, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, antiflatulence and cholesterol lowering agents.

'KRA-CHAI' in Thai
(No common English name)

This erect annual plant with aromatic rhizomes and yellow-brown roots, is used as a flavouring. The rhizomes contain approximately 0.8% volatile oil. The plant has stomach ache relieving and antimicrobial properties, and therapeutic benefits as an antitussive and antiflatulence agent.
'KHA' in Thai

Greater galanga is an erect annual plant with aromatic, ginger-like rhizomes, and commonly used in Thai cooking as a flavouring. The approximately 0.04 volatile oil content has therapeutic uses as carminative, stomachic, antirheumatic and antimicrobial agents.

'KHING' in Thai

Ginger is an erect plant witch thickens, fleshly and aromatic rhizomes. Used in different forms as a food, flavouring and spices, Ginger rhizomes contains 1 of 2 % volatile oil. Ginger's therapeutic uses aare as a carminative, antinauseant and anti-flatulence agent.
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